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About UsWe Provide Quality Diamonds with Color & Purity

CVD diamond for sale is a hot product of our company, which has been exported to worldwide countries. Size, color and clarity are selectable for customers, and we also sell rough CVD diamond that has competitive price and top quality. Vraj Diamond is a listed company that has its own production factory that has large supply ability, which is located in India.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is usually under the action of high-temperature plasma, carbon-containing gas is dissociated, and carbon atoms are deposited on the substrate to form a diamond film. The substrate can be a non-diamond material, but single crystal diamonds are usually formed by depositing carbon atoms on the diamond substrate. Carbon-containing gas usually refers to a mixed gas containing nitrogen, methane and hydrogen. Methane is the source of carbon atoms in the synthesis of diamonds. Nitrogen can increase the growth rate, and hydrogen can inhibit the formation of graphite. Generally, CVD diamond is carried out under low pressure and high temperature conditions, the pressure is generally less than one atmosphere, and the temperature is about 1000 degrees.

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